Is anybody there?

November 15, 2006

The text is beginning to creep me out. It’s strangely square-ish and not square-ish at the same time.


What’s really creepy is the fact that I’m posting and I have no friends. There has to be a way to sync this with my Xanga. Maybe I will abandon this and revert to Xanga sometime.


So basically, if anyone is interested in reading this, you’d have to be interested enough in my life to go back in blog time and go to my first posts. Congratulations. Your obsession with me is abnormal. And for this, you deserve a reward. Today, I found out that I’m beginning to lose my skills of getting through doors on a wheelchair. Maybe it was beginners’ luck. Anyways, there are literally at least 2 other students on wheelchairs.


And that’s it. Spanish field trip tomorrow with Sally. Word oout. And maybe new style later.

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